With global operations and offices around the world, The Bakery was the innovation consultancy
selected to cooperate and potencialize the Natura Innovation Challenge - Zero Waste Packaging.
We are happy to collaborate on this great chapter on Natura's open innovation journey. Together, rethink
their products, services and their relationship with the environment.
Transform the collective for the sake of a more beautiful world to live and a little more entrepreneurial.
We specialize in developing innovation programs based on challenges like this. We are reinventing
corporate innovation by introducing some of the greatest innovators on the planet to sources of
revenue and real business opportunities with the biggest brands and corporations around the world.

More information about The Bakery at thebakery.com

The Process know the journey

The Natura Innovation Challenge journey was created with a single goal: to make innovation happen,
bringing real and measurable results in a short time.

You will have the opportunity to receive feedback from The Bakery team about the applicability and alignment of your solution. If selected, pitch your solution to Natura's multi-disciplinary team with the possibility of earning a paid trial, in order to prove the real potential of your solution. And if successful, negotiate a partnership / trade agreement with one of the largest cosmetic brands on the planet.

Submissions closed

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